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Anita Valdes Whitten

I can't stress enough to all my friends, male and female, what a wonderful product this Natural Progesterone cream is. On a scale of 1 to ten is a 50 and the personal consultant service is on a scale of 500. This product is so vital to all of us suffering from hormone imbalances both men and women it is a must that you read up on progesterone imbalance and see all the side effects it causes. Reflux to hot flashes and depression. Scott Lifer has been personally consulting with me on how to get help with this all natural product. He's a gift of a person. Go to his Facebook page or better yet to Amazon read the reviews! Please, MOST DOCTORS dismiss our issues or prescribe synthetic POISON to mask our problem and thereby creating new ones. I will add a photo of what to look for in Amazon. Please please do your investigation on symptoms that you are having it might well be a Progesterone imbalance.

Jeff Schreiber

Everyone who has experienced the depths of depression has their own story that is unique in some way. Yet more and more I hear common elements in the stories that people are willing to come out of the shadows and share particularly among men my age. I'm a successful career executive with a major financial company, married for over 20 years to a wonderful wife and we have two great teenage kids. In 2013 my company began going through a major transformation that required heavy regulatory scrutiny and the stress levels related to my job, which had always been fairly high to begin with, started going through the roof. I've always prided myself on staying physically active and fit — I was a football quarterback in college and have become a triathlon enthusiast in recent years, and I always thought that physical strength and mental discipline helped enable me to push through and soldier on under pressure. But as the expectations, deadlines and hours mounted, I found myself starting to sink into a quicksand physically, mentally and emotionally. I stopped Read More

Megan Ream

I think most of us have either experienced depression and /or anxiety sometime in our lives, or know someone that has. I certainly have. I am a stay at home mom and I have been blessed with 3 children of my own and 2 step children. I have an amazing husband that loves me immensely and works very hard to support us. I have a lot of friends and a wonderful family. On the outside my life looks great, and it is. But when I was drowning in depression, it was very difficult to be that great mother and wife I so desperately want to be. I have struggled with depression and anxiety since I was 12 years old. It started after a traumatizing experience that affected my childhood and teenage years in a very negative way. I spent my youth in and out of Dr's and Psychiatrist's offices. I was put on quite a few different anti-depressants throughout my life, and they would all help for a short time. Normally just a matter of months, then it was back Read More

Melody Akanbi

When you hear that you have depression it can take you on a rollercoaster ride. First you try to deny it and then you allow it to consume your life. But you do not have to allow it to control you especially when you have a natural product like Progesterone to help you to live a healthy and happy life. This product has definitely pulled me out of my dark depression to allow me to live a healthy happy life. Best Regards Melody Akanbi

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