Megan Ream

I think most of us have either experienced depression and /or anxiety sometime in our lives, or know someone that has. I certainly have.

I am a stay at home mom and I have been blessed with 3 children of my own and 2 step children. I have an amazing husband that loves me immensely and works very hard to support us. I have a lot of friends and a wonderful family. On the outside my life looks great, and it is. But when I was drowning in depression, it was very difficult to be that great mother and wife I so desperately want to be.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety since I was 12 years old. It started after a traumatizing experience that affected my childhood and teenage years in a very negative way. I spent my youth in and out of Dr’s and Psychiatrist’s offices. I was put on quite a few different anti-depressants throughout my life, and they would all help for a short time. Normally just a matter of months, then it was back to the Doctor to try a different combination of meds that would bring a whole lot of awful side effects and not much relief.

The turning point came when I was pregnant with my last baby, and my depression was the worst it had ever been. I had stopped taking all of my medications due to my pregnancy. I had done it with my other two pregnancies, and it was okay. I thought I should be able to again for this one. I could do it. I was strong! But, I wasn’t eating or sleeping well. I gained far less than the recommended amount of weight. I was miserable, and my Doctor was concerned. She put me back on one of the medications I was taking, promising me that my baby would be okay. It didn’t help. My marriage started to suffer and my relationships did too. I have a history of Post-Partum Depression, and combined with the extreme sadness I was already experiencing while pregnant, my Doctor added two new medications immediately to my chart after I had my baby.

I was taking very high doses of 3 different anti-anxiety/depression medications within an hour of giving birth. I couldn’t breastfeed my newborn because of all of the toxicity I was putting in my body. I had so much guilt, and that just added to my ever growing depression. I was constantly living in survival mode. If you can even call that living.

I was first introduced to Wake Up Sense and their products while listening to the radio one morning a couple of years later. I heard an interview with Scott Lifer, describing Revive, an all-natural anti-anxiety and depression supplement. His story resonated with me, and I immediately ordered a bottle and started taking it. After a few weeks, I had hope again. I felt calmer and less anxious. The horrible paranoid thoughts diminished. I was sleeping better and my energy increased.

I have been completely off all RX medications for over two years. Between taking Revive, doing Yoga regularly, and eating well, I am the most emotionally and mentally stable that I have ever been. I have hope, my relationships are thriving, and I am truly happy.
This company is literally saving people’s lives.
It certainly saved mine!